Radio Mustang 6525AM 31-07-2012 20:30 UTC

Going to post some older recordings. This is a pretty long recording of Radio Mustang playing a very wide selection of music.

The frequency is not used by a lot of pirates, but doesn’t have a lot of utility QRM so makes for a nice ‘playground’ for Hifi pirates without disturbing others on the very crouded 48 meters.

Signal was very strong peaking s9+40 at times, not a lot of pirates get those kind of signal levels! So suspect that Mustang is running quite some power. But still maintaining good modulation levels. The signal was about 30Khz wide so is this recording.


Radio Malaisy 6305AM 27-10-2012 19:46 UTC

And we’ll start off with this station. Radio Malaisy is a mysterious station, and is rumoured to be the sister-station of mystery radio. I have to admit that the music selection is quite similar and the jingle style also closely matches. Mystery was the first HF pirate station that I heard in 2009 and has been off air for almost two years now, Time flies!

This station has some really well done sound processing and was a pleasure to listen to, the bandwidth was exactly 20Khz which resulted in a pleasant 10Khz audio response. We caught the last hour of the broadcast and the recording is available for listen and download:



I thought it was time to update this page, the forum is operational but is not really attracking much traffic (understatement). I will just keep it around is case another forum closes down and people start looking for alternatives.

In the meanwhile I wanted to use this page to post recordings of well sounding and/or strong stations. Because most people listen on narrow banded communication grade receivers it can be really eyeopening to hear AM in all it’s wideband goodness!

There’s already a stream up to listen to what I’m listening to, the link is . Mostly parked on 6305AM when I’m not at my receiver.